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Taissa Maleck Rezende

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Here you can browse a variety of jewelry styles created by the same artist and also jewelry from other brands that she loves to use and represent them as well.


Taissa began her career in 2002 when she started working for some of the biggest jewelry brands in Brazil. She graduated in Industrial Design and later moved from Brazil to Italy for her Master's Degree in Jewelry Engineering. 


Currently living in San Diego, California, she works in the development of her private label and also collaborates with other jewelry brands in the development of new jewelry collections, marketing plans, graphic design and sales representation.


Her work and the jewelry that she represents can be found online or at Art Shows, Artisans Markets and Street fairs throughout California.


We hope you enjoy the beauty, versatility and creativity of her work.

Taissa Maleck 
from Rio de Janeiro 
   to California
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